Week in Review (Week 1)



Phew! I confess I had trouble getting back into the swing of things now that the holiday break is over.  Lunches and snacks and backpacks needed to happen every morning and I struggled to get it together.  Thankfully it is Friday and all that is over, HA!

This week I spent time working on our January 2016 budget.  I was waiting on some final payment amounts on student loans before I could really move forward. Now I have the info I need and can start looking ahead to our February and March budget as well.

I took some time to go through several bags of children’s clothing that we had in our basement storage area.  I filled two trash bags of clothes to donate at my son’s school, two trash bags of clothes to pass to my nephew, a small bag of baby clothes for my neighbor, and one bag of clothes that I will set aside for my boys.  In addition I found a winter coat I will donate to my niece as her workplace is having a winter coat drive. Felt good to get this done.

We used a gift card we received on Christmas to purchase cabinet knobs at Home Depot. I had spray painted our old and very dated knobs when we moved in last year.  They were chipping and looked awful.  We chose a knob that came in an economy pack to save money.  I am happy to report the new knobs look much better!  Plus we still have a little more to spend from that gift card- bonus!

I used money I received for Christmas to order a pair of snow boots online.  I needed these desperately (hopefully now that I have boots it won’t snow!)  They were marked to 60% off with free shipping. I subscribed to the mailing list to receive an additional 20% off.

We ate all meals at home this week with the exception of my husband who travels for work at least once a week.  We are working on a better plan for meals on the go that fit his diet and are easy to eat in the car.  To his credit he does try to keep his meal spending under $10 each time.  We’ll get there!

I spent a little time researching internet/cable plans for our area.  We are not ready to cut the cable cord just yet (we still have a year on our agreement and the hubby isn’t quite convinced yet.)  The least expensive plans would give us limited channels and allow us to continue our current internet plan.  It would yield a savings of approximately $75 to $100 a month.  Really something to think about!

I borrowed a book on freezer cooking from the library.  I made copies of a few recipes I thought we might enjoy that seemed budget friendly.

I was gifted some snacks and mittens for the boys from my mom.  She also gave me some plates, napkins, and a birthday banner to use for my little ones birthday party this weekend.  Thanks mom!

I purchased a birthday gift for my son at 60% off. I found it among the Christmas clearance.

I exercised by watching free videos by Leslie Sansone on YouTube. I had read about this on another blog and it is a great discovery! I also used our stationary bike a few times as well.

I spent $188.15 on groceries this week (ouch!) Some of this was bulk purchases. This leaves me with about $62 to spend each week for the remainder of January. I am going to get creative here!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. See you on Monday!


9 thoughts on “Week in Review (Week 1)

  1. It’s so hard to get back into the swing of things after vacation. What seemed like a piece of cake now is a lot of work!

    We recently bought new knobs for our kitchen and I couldn’t believe the price. We bought them in a package too -I bet you were so happy you had a gift card!


  2. Our re-start to the year was delayed with several days of bad weather last week. So, this week it has been hard to get going. My last piano student today just plain forgot to come–it must be hard for everyone!

    Once I clear some room in my freezers, I would love to make some freezer meals. At one point in my life, I would make 30 meals each month. Then, at least I knew we had dinner every day already accounted for. I’ve never done that complete 30-meal system since those few years, but usually keep a few meals tucked away for busy nights.


    • Freezer meals have been a lifesaver for me lately. We tend to fall in the take out trap without them. Just making a few at a time is what I have been doing. I’m not sure I am ready for a freezer meal marathon!


  3. Hi Melissa, we cut our cable in 2009 and it was one of the best things we ever did to spend less. We watch everything we want through Roku and so much is on YouTube. The 2 things we can’t get are ESPN sports and Fox News but we live fine without either. But some people think they can’t 🙂


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