Week in Review (Week 2)

This week seemed to go by quickly.   We were very busy at the beginning,  perhaps that is why.  Sometimes I find that when we are busy on Monday and Tuesday it can really throw me for a loop.  This week we managed to stay the course!   I have been working on some new habits and bringing back old ones that I hope are making a difference.

Last week I mentioned I had done some research on reducing our cable cost.  Well no sooner did I write that when our new bill arrived- with an increase of $35- OUCH!  Looks like we’ll be moving a bit faster on figuring it out.


Flowers from my son’s birthday party


On Sunday we had a wonderful party for my 4 year olds birthday.  Our families were very generous.  You can read my tips for saving on birthday parties here.  I saved all the gift bags to put in my stash.

There were lots of veggies leftover from the party.  None of them went to waste including the tomatoes.  I roasted them up and they were delish! Recipe here.

I accepted a bag of clothes for my boys.   There was a winter coat in the next size up. Score!

I skipped the grocery store this week and we ate from our pantry and freezer.  The only food purchases were a few stock up items,  veggies and chicken breast from BJ’S and Sam’s Club.  I spent 53.09 bringing my grocery total for this month to 241.24.  This leaves me with 258.76 for the remainder of the month.

I exercised 5 out of 7 days!  I did not however drink enough water.   Need to work on this.

What did you do to save money last week?


One thought on “Week in Review (Week 2)

  1. The main thing I did was to deal with around 50 pounds of bananas that were given to me. We made everything from frozen chunks to chocolate dipped bananas, and much more! It is awesome to have so many.


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