This Weeks Goals {January 24}


I couldn’t resist getting this donut this morning. They are my weakness!

Over the weekend we had 9 inches of snow fall.  This isn’t really all that much to us New Englanders, but seeing the effect the storm had on other parts of the country certainly was food for thought.  I need to think about some holes in my pantry and how we could possibly add a little more to our car emergency kits.  Of course we need to do it all within budget.

Last week I found out all three Sam’s Club stores in our area are closing.   This is a big deal. I have been shopping there for some time and the closing will directly affect my grocery and gas budgets.  I am really bummed out about this. Probably more than I should be, but to be truthful I got used to shopping there. I am sort of dreading having to find new sources for those items I would purchase there as a rule. I have no choice though so I just need to stop whining, lol!

This week I have lots I want to accomplish.  Unfortunately the doctor told me that I would not likely feel better for another week or so. This certainly puts a damper on things now doesn’t it! I am going to make my list anyway and just take it on day at a time.

* My husband put together new shelving for the basement storage area.  This is to hold my extra pantry items which now need to be organized.  Identify holes and make a list of items to purchase.

* Start working on the kid’s Valentines for school.

*Work out final budget for February.

*Go through a box of paper/documents that have accumulated.

*Shop for supplies for two craft projects.

*Make some meals for the freezer.

*Price out some of the items I was purchasing at Sam’s when I go to other stores.  I need to figure out where I can get the most bang for my buck.

Happy Monday everyone!

5 thoughts on “This Weeks Goals {January 24}

  1. Hi Melissa, I am sorry you are not feeling back to normal yet, but I can totally understand why. Be good to yourself and get some rest. I also hope you find more sources to get your good deals from. Those Sam’s Clubs deals were totally amazing and I can see why you are going to miss them.

    Be blessed!


  2. Sounds like some great goals. I hope that you were able to tackle some. I totally get being bummed about a store closing. When we moved to the South a few months ago I was devastated ( I am serious) about them no having an Aldi Grocery store. I bought most if not all my groceries and saved so much money. The closest one to me is 3 hours away in a different state. I had a Master Shop List, Menu Plans, and all that based on this grocery store. I was able to pay debt off because I saved so much. Now I moved and I still can NOT find a place to save like I did there. If anything our grocery bill doubled and I try so many ways to cut it but it is more expensive here.
    1. Metro area 2. Major Grocery Chains that you have to learn when the deals are and all that.

    Hope you do find somewhere to replace your shopping. 🙂


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