February 2016 Plans


I am finally getting around to setting some goals for February despite being a week into the month.  Where does the time go?  With any luck this month will be more productive than January turned out to be.  Fingers crossed!



  • make cookies, pizza sauce, and spaghetti sauce for the freezer.
  • try 2 new recipes: Taco Pasta Casserole and Green Chili Rice Casserole.  Both are freezer friendly.
  • Clean out the freezer above the fridge.  Use up all odds and ends.  Once finished move on to the upright freezer downstairs.  Defrost the upright freezer.
  • continue to research savings in any areas we can.  Specifically cellphones, vehicle insurance, etc.
  • take a look at my credit card points and see if we can use them to purchase some gift cards to use for upcoming birthdays.
  • January had an extra pay period so we are trying to figure out how to allocate that money.  We will pay off one credit card for certain.
  • We have a family fun day planned for the science museum (free admission) as well as going to see Star Wars.  I will bring snacks and drinks from home on both adventures.
  • Have 2 stay at home dates with my husband.  There are several movies available at Redbox we would like to see.  I am hoping I can find a code to get them for free.
  • February school break is coming up.  I found out there are 2 science shows at a local mall for free.  My mom has offered babysitting for the little one so I can take my 5 year old.  I will be researching other fun and free activities this week.
  • continue to exercise at least 4 days a week.  I had done pretty well with this until I got ill in January.
  • drink more water.  I have no excuse.
  • clean and organize the storage cabinet in the 1/2 bath where my husband and I keep all of our toiletries.
  • purchase new pillows for our bed.
  • purchase new shades for our bedroom if I can catch a great sale.
  • spend some time cleaning out the basement storage area.  It got really messy over the holidays.  I need to make room for more shelving to hold pantry supplies.

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