Week in Review (Week 5)


Today’s snowfall.

On Saturday my son was invited to another birthday party.  It seems we have reached that age (all of these children are turning 6) where the invitations are arriving fast and furious.   My son is a bit shy so we are thrilled to attend these parties as it provides an opportunity to improve social skills.  I had a gift on hand here (Kinetic Sand and tools) plus the gift bag, etc.  We were also invited to another party that afternoon for a close friends child.  They are great host and we were able to enjoy the excellent food and conversation.  Later that evening we went out to dinner with my brother and sister in law.  Again, wonderful food and conversation.  It was a very nice day.

With all these birthday parties recently (and more to come) I have depleted my supply of gift bags.  I stopped by the Dollar Tree and picked up 2 sizes of gift bags in solid colors (red and blue) along with some tissue and curling ribbon. These should work out great for any occasion.  We have lots of materials to make tags or cards as needed.  I think I am going to plan to pick up a set of bags every month for a little while.

While I was at the Dollar Tree I picked up some seeds for the garden at .25 each.  I choose several herbs and some lettuce.  I am going to plant these in containers.  I am actually secretly hoping to have my husband and his friend build me some raised planter boxes, and a planter box bench.  If not, pots it will be.  I have some from last year.

On Sunday my husband took our boys to visit family.  I stayed home to get some rest and enjoyed a free moment.  I watched a movie I had taped and enjoyed a cup of caramel hot cocoa I had been given for Christmas.

On Monday I took my little guy for a haircut.  I was able to use a coupon for $3.00 off which covered the tip.  I wish I could cut his hair but he moves so much and his sensory issues play a factor (she uses scissors not clippers.)  I have found that it is better to pay someone else to do this!

We had unusually warm weather here for several days this week.  I got out and walked around the neighborhood.  It made me long for spring even more.  Perhaps the groundhog will be right!  Note: of course as I am typing this it is cold and rainy with snow on the way.  School is cancelled and we will be stuck inside all day. Wah, wah…..

I was able to get a great deal on some shirts for my boys.  Topcash Back (like Ebates) was offering $5.00 cash for a purchase made before 2/5.  Children’s Place was having a big online sale.  For $14 I was able to get 6 shirts (3 short sleeve and 3 long sleeve) with free shipping.  This is after the $5 bonus and cashback.  I was thrilled as my little ones are rough on their shirts as I am sure most 4 and 5 year olds are.

I went to the warehouse club and picked up some needed household items: tissues, toilet paper, etc.  and a few grocery items that were good deals.  I had a few item coupons as well as a $10 off $100 purchase coupon.  After all my items were rung up I was short by $3.00.  I grabbed a set of 3 large reusable shopping bags that were by the register for $ 4.99.  These will turn out handy as they are a great size for carrying beach toys and towels. Overall I saved $21.00 on my purchases there.

I took some time to look over our insurance for our vehicles to see if we could find some savings there.  It has gone up about $20.00 a month.  Turns out that we are now being charged an installment fee for paying month by month.  When our policy comes due in April I will pay it up front, eliminating this fee.

This morning I had to take my son to the pediatrician for a cough that has been causing a bit of wheezing.  I learned that our copay has gone up by $5.00.  Thankfully, the prescription copay was only $10.00.  I will need to make a plan to increase to our sinking fund amount for medical expenses.

I spent 215.45 this week on groceries.  I stocked up on many items that were on sale.  That leaves me 284.55 for the rest of the month.  I earned $4 back from Savingstar, Ibotta, and Checkout 51.

How was your week?  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!




One thought on “Week in Review (Week 5)

  1. Seems like a good week 🙂
    I have never heard about Topcash Back but going to check it out. Thanks for the tip
    Hope you all have had a great weekend.


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