This Weeks Goals { February 7 }

yck7boxce.jpegWhat a week last week turned out to be.  My husband went away to a conference for several days and my 5 year old got sick.  Add in a snowstorm and boom you have one busy mommy!  Between shoveling and playing nurse it is a wonder I was able to keep up with anything.

I will admit that I dislike the feeling of not crossing everything on my list off.  I suppose most of you feel the same. Onward and upward right?!


Last weeks to do list:

  • Get caught up on laundry.  Seriously, it looks like a clothing factory exploded here.  While I’ve been sick I did the laundry but it never got put away. I have tamed the laundry beast!
  • Go through that box of documents/papers.
  • Shop for supplies for two craft projects. I had hoped to get this off my list today.  Unfortunately we are in the midst of another snowstorm that has cancelled school and will bring 8 more inches. I am going to take this off the list and move on to something else.
  • Earn some Swagbucks.  I’ve been slacking off on this and I my wish list on Amazon is getting bigger. Time to earn some gift cards. I did SB a few times this week.  I need to make it part of my daily routine. 
  • Make sure to use Ibotta, Checkout 51, and Savingstar after shopping. I think these apps are great but it is a bit of a pain. I really wish I could just link all my loyalty cards to these apps. I strongly dislike taking pictures of receipts. I did this all week and earned some money back from each.  I am getting closer to being able to cash out on each app.  Once I do I plan to add the money to my Christmas fund.
  • Make some banana bread for a snack and to send with my husband to work. I also will make some banana strawberry ice cream. I have a bunch of bananas and strawberries in the freezer.  They will be making lots of appearances over the next few weeks. I made 4 small loaves.  My 5 year old ate a loaf by himself! 
  • Start to set up my inventory system for my pantry and write a post about it. Adding this on to this weeks list.
This weeks to do list:
  • Finish up Valentines for school.  I am waiting for further information from my son’s teacher.  Some classes you may write the children’s names on them and some say no.  Just not certain which is the case for my kindergartener.
  • Go through that box of documents/papers.
  • Organize coupon inserts.  (I don’t do a lot of paper couponing these days, but I hold on to them for the occasional great deal.)
  • Take a peek at some baby clothes I found in a box downstairs.  Figure out if there is anything I can consign.  Pass on other items I know family members can use.
  • Start to set up inventory system for pantry and write a post about it.  If it ever stops snowing and the kids get back to school……
  • Spend some time in each room cleaning and decluttering a little.  Boy the house sure got a little out of sorts last week!
What are your plans for this week?

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