This Weeks Goals {February 14th}

So where were we? Germs. Oh yes, the kind that keep on giving.
Now that both boy’s haveyck7boxce.jpeg been sick they have lovingly passed it back to me.  Seriously, I am over it already.  Hoping that some heavy doses of vitamin c, hot lemon tea, and getting some extra z’s will do the trick.  On a bright note the polar blast we were hit with seems to be over.  Thank goodness!
Last weeks to do list:
  • Finish up Valentines for school.  I am waiting for further information from my son’s teacher.  Some classes you may write the children’s names on them and some say no.  Just not certain which is the case for my kindergartener.  Success.! My son loved exchanging Valentine’s with his classmates. 
  • Go through that box of documents/papers. Done, yay!  I found those gift cards which was a bonus and motivation to go through another box.
  • Organize coupon inserts.  (I don’t do a lot of paper couponing these days, but I hold on to them for the occasional great deal.) I recycled all the outdated inserts and removed pet coupons we would not use.  Then I wrote the date of the insert on the front in sharpie so I could find it easier. 
  • Take a peek at some baby clothes I found in a box downstairs.  Figure out if there is anything I can consign.  Pass on other items I know family members can use.  Didn’t get to this one….
  • Start to set up inventory system for pantry and write a post about it.  If it ever stops snowing and the kids get back to school……Almost doneHoping to find an hour this week to finish up.
  • Spend some time in each room cleaning and decluttering a little.  Boy the house sure got a little out of sorts last week!  My husband helped me out with this.  So very thankful!
This weeks to do list:
  • Go through two bins of books and papers in my son’s room.  Every night we put the books we read that day in a bin so I can rotate them.  The bin is pretty full.  The other bin holds drawings and his Highlights magazines (a gift from Grandma.)  I just want to sort this out and see if there are any items we could recycle.
  • Box up some of the board books in both son’s rooms to pass on to others.  We’ve outgrown them now but many are still in excellent condition.
  • Add some more books to my request list at the library after checking with my mom to see if she has any of the books I want to read.  The request list at the library can be quite lengthy for popular titles.
  • Condense some all of my Advent Calendar items from 2 boxes into 1 bin.  I have lots of leftover crafts and activities as well as games and trinkets we use from year to year.  I want to make sure it all stays together.
  • Maintain my sanity.  Seriously- it is February school break this week and I just want to make it out with my sanity intact.  I think this may require wine and some chocolate just in case.

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