Week in Review (Week 7)

Good Morning! Happy end of February vacation, woohoo!  We made it without me eating too much chocolate and my sanity intact.  It shows that it pays to have a plan even if it is a loose one at best.  I am already brainstorming ideas for April vacation *smile.*

Last Saturday I sent my husband to the grocery store.  He brought my son with him and I made sure they had the “free fruit” card.  Our local chain store allows each child with a card to choose a piece of fruit (apple or banana) for free.  When the cashier scanned the card it took $1.00 off the bunch of bananas.  A great deal for sure! I promptly did Mobisave and Ibotta with the receipts  I also earned a bit back from Savingstar for this trip too.

My 5 year old was invited to a classmates birthday party.  It was at the YMCA where they put up a bounce house, jumped in a foam pit, and built structures using soft cubes and other shapes.  What a wonderful thing for the kids to get out their energy as it just happened to be a whopping 20 degrees out!  As we were leaving the car temperature read 15 degrees.  By the time we arrived home (a 15 minute drive) the temperature had dropped 5 more degrees!  Brrr….  When we arrived home I promptly started up the oven and made some pizzas using some Naan I had in the freezer as our crust. Delicious!  Desert was the end of the last tub of ice cream.


Valentine’s Day treats for the boys

Well that polar blast meant we were stuck indoors on Valentine’s Day.  We awoke to -12 degrees with a wind chill of -25!  In the morning I made another batch of pumpkin pancakes for the boys, this time adding in some chocolate chips.  For Valentine’s treats we gave the boys each a Star Wars shirt and jelly beans with a card.  The boys needed some new shirts so I took the opportunity to give them as gifts.  I used little buckets I have that I use each year.  I got them at Target a while back and they are just the right size to hold a few small treats.  My husband and I did not exchange any gifts, deciding we will have a date night later this weekend.


Later that day I did some yoga using a free video from YouTube.  Then I went online to use a Prime Pantry credit that was about to expire.  Amazon gave me a credit of $5.99 for selecting slower shipping on a previous order.  The $5.99 covered the cost of the pantry shipping.

On Monday I woke up with yet another cold, thank you boys (not!)  I powered through it long enough to take the boys to the Children’s Museum for a change of scenery (free with our membership.)  We had some friends join us and all the kids had a great time.  We planned our trip around meal times so we wouldn’t spend any extra money.  By the time our outing was done I was ready to crawl under the covers.  My hubby graciously offered to go the grocery store for me and I am happy to report he did a great job!

Tuesday I wasn’t really feeling much better.  I sent my 5 year old to his grandma’s house to play with his cousins while my4 year old and I just chilled out.  We cleaned out a big bunch of school papers, only saving those items that were a bit more special.  When I went to go get my son my mom had given the boys a McDonald’s gift card as a Valentines surprise.  We decided to use one of them to pick up Happy Meals on the way home for dinner. I choose to eat some leftovers at home. A night off cooking for me!

On Wednesday my Prime Pantry box was delivered and contained a free sample of moisturizer.  I made one of the recipes I wanted to try – Green Chili Rice Casserole.  I made some adaptations, and it was rich and delicious.  Look for the recipe next week.

Thursday we went to Grandmas for lunch.  Then I brought my 5 year old to the mall for a free science show.  It was really awesome!  They made bubbles and fog from dried ice, balanced a beach ball using a leaf blower, and squeezed an egg into a flask.  My son thought it was all magical!  At the end they were able to each make a bit of putty to take home.  Apparently this mall has more of these kinds of free activities during school breaks so I will be making sure to check out April’s schedule.

Tonight we are going to head to my sister in law’s to watch a movie.  Her apartment complex has a clubhouse with a small movie theatre that the residents can use.  I was able to get a free movie from Redbox (Hotel Transylvania 2.)  We will order a couple of pizzas and I will bring drinks and brownies from home.  The boys love to do this!

I am thrilled that we were able to have such a frugal week despite it being school vacation. I think it get’s easier all the time and really doesn’t take all that much effort now that we have had some practice.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  See you Monday!





2 thoughts on “Week in Review (Week 7)

  1. I’m hoping your cold is completely gone by now. That casserole sounds really yummy and I am looking forward to trying your recipe. How cool it that about your sister’s complex having a small movie theater? 🙂 Enjoy your movie tonight!


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