This Weeks Goals { February 21 }

Ah, the beginning of another week and back to school too.
We survived school vacation yck7boxce.jpegand managed to stay pretty frugal too.  It really was a nice week and I ended up deciding to not sweat a few things on last weeks to do list.  I will simply do them this week instead.
Last weeks to do list:
  • Go through two bins of books and papers in my son’s room.  Every night we put the books we read that day in a bin so I can rotate them.  The bin is pretty full.  The other bin holds drawings and his Highlights magazines (a gift from Grandma.)  I just want to sort this out and see if there are any items we could recycle.  Add to this week.
  • Box up some of the board books in both son’s rooms to pass on to others.  We’ve outgrown them now but many are still in excellent condition. Add to this week.
  • Add some more books to my request list at the library after checking with my mom to see if she has any of the books I want to read.  The request list at the library can be quite lengthy for popular titles. Done! My mom didn’t have the books I wanted.
  • Condense all of my Advent Calendar items from 2 boxes into 1 bin.  I have lots of leftover crafts and activities as well as games and trinkets we use from year to year.  I want to make sure it all stays together. Add to this week.
  • Maintain my sanity.  Seriously- it is February school break this week and I just want to make it out with my sanity intact.  I think this may require wine and some chocolate just in case.  Happy to report we had a great week!  Already looking ahead to April Vacation!
This weeks to do list:
  • The uncompleted items from above.
  • Straighten out the kitchen pantry closet.
  • Spend some time thinking about ways to reorganize my kitchen cabinets to improve the use of the space as well as flow.
What are you up to this week?  Any big projects?

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