The Case of the Hopeful Housewife (Part 2)

Just yesterday my husband and I were discussing the “incident” from last week- you know the time our friends were about to come and we were rushing around cleaning and straightening?  Yes, that one.  My husband and I both agreed that we did not want to do that again and how unhappy it had made both of us.

Generally speaking our house is usually in a state of “lived in.”  I wash dishes everyday, vacuum and sweep often, make beds most of the time, etc.  Counters and tables get wiped down and loads of laundry washed and dried.  Yet, there is always much more to do so that our home often has the extra clutter,     fingerprints, messes, and dusty surfaces that may get left by the wayside.

I’ve tried a variety of systems, like Flylady, for example.  The routines of others never seem to stick for me.  This weekend I spent a bit of time really considering this.  Why can’t we seem to find a routine that works for our home?  What’s holding us back?

  1. No set cleaning/chore schedule:  we don’t have a vacuum on Monday, dust on Tuesday kind of routine.  This means we are winging it and not everything gets done.
  2. No set list of chores:  along with the above we have no master list of what needs to be done in each area of our home.
  3. Clear responsibility list:  who is responsible for each chore?  Yes there is a general idea of who does what but we’ve never really talked about it or laid it out on paper.
  4. Time and kid factor: my husband leaves home early and comes back late due to his commute.  He works even later 2 days a week.  My 4 year olds preschool program is 4 days a week for 2.5 hours each time.  In other words, our family schedules don’t always make balance/finding time for cleaning and projects easy.
  5. Unrealistic expectations:  in other words cleaning the house and grocery shopping on Monday sounds great on paper, but working around a 4 year old who is stuck to his mom’s hip and has a current disdain for shopping makes this unrealistic.
  6. General dislike of cleaning/chores:  I know there are lots of people who love to clean.  Well, we are not those people- lol!  Truth is we would much rather be doing other things.
Now that we’ve figured out what holds us back and what isn’t working it’s time to figure out what will.  This week I plan to spend time each day considering the schedule, chores for each area, etc.  and come up with a new family routine and schedule.  Next week we’ll put it into action and test it out.  That gives us the rest of March to make tweaks and end the month on a successful note.  Of course I’ll be sharing what we come up with and how it works.
What works for you?  What are the kinds of things that keep your routine going strong?

3 thoughts on “The Case of the Hopeful Housewife (Part 2)

  1. Looking forward to what you decide to share – my routine also needs to be improved (see #6). How Jen Does It has some really motivating you tube videos.


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