Week in Review {Week 10}




Wow, I have been busy!  I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I’ve done one of these post.  I didn’t mean to abandon the week in review post- but sometimes life happens.  I’ve had a flurry of sick kids (yes, again- the stomach bug is going through our community) along with school events, and other family goings on.  It doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my frugal ways too! Here’s what we’ve been up to the past week or so:

  • We used a free Redbox code to rent “The Good Dinosaur”, which the kids loved.
  • I signed up my 5 year old for little league to take advantage of the early bird registration- saving me $25.00.
  • I borrowed and read two books from the library. I have now read 6 books this year and well on my way to my goal of 20 books in 2016.
  • Salvaged some pie crust that needed to be used up.  I made a quesadilla with it.
  • I purchased a raincoat for my son on sale at Old Navy for $12.  It is a little big so I should get a full year from it.  Our previous Old Navy raincoat lasted 2 years and still looks brand new.
  • Made sure everyone had lunch and snacks from home everyday.  We have only eaten out dinner once in the last several weeks- pizza this past Tuesday.  My little one was very sick and needed his mommy.
  • Went to a neighborhood dinner party and brought a salad. There was a big bowlful left so I took it home- the hostess said they wouldn’t eat leftovers.
  • I found some flower shaped lollipops amongst our candy stash.  I will give these to my niece and nephew for Easter along with a $5 gift card for ice cream. I am still deciding what to do for my boys. It will not include candy since they will get a bunch from others.
  • I was gifted two more books and some coupons by my mom. In exchange I gave her more -you guessed it- soup.  Haha!
  • We went to a free event for kids at a local university celebrating March into Reading.
I hope you have a great weekend!




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