My Pantry Building Plan

1252px-Shopping_cart_with_food_clip_art.svgOne of my goals for 2016 is to build up my pantry.  I would like to begin by building a well rounded 3 month supply for each person.  Once this is complete I will move on to long term food storage.

I have read a ton of blog post and sites on the subject.   There are many different approaches although generally the types of supplies are the same.  Most work through purchasing ingredients versus prepared convenience foods.  It makes sense.  Stretching basic ingredients would provide many meals should the need arise.

All that being said I don’t feel that the “ingredients only” model fits the needs of my family.  As you read on you may not agree with my choices but I believe it is the right fit for my family. Here’s why:

  • I have small children who have favorite foods.  I believe keeping a supply of these foods on hand could prove to be an invaluable comfort in an emergency.
  • One of my children has sensory issues with regards to food and his diet is highly limited at this time.  Having the items on hand that he will eat buys me time to plan for the long term if necessary.
  • We have peanut and tree nut allergies (severe.)  This eliminates many items that others would keep in their pantries.
  • If by chance I am the one who is ill my husband would be responsible for meals.  He can cook a bit (limited skills- he couldn’t make bread from scratch) but works long hours.  Putting a meal on the table in a timely manner would be challenging.  Keeping a few things on hand at the ready would likely stop us from needing takeout.
Why start with just a 3 month supply in mind?
  • It gives me the ability to add variety easily.
  • Gives me an opportunity to test my storage system for rotating, monitoring expiration dates, and keeping inventory before I have a large amount of supplies that would be overwhelming.
  • Space – currently we have a lack of it.  As we continue to declutter I will gain more pantry space.
  • Budget – At present I do not have a separate budget for these items.  They must all be purchased within our grocery budget, meaning smaller amounts.
What will I buy?  Each month I plan to purchase a specific set of items based on needs/sales.  I may or may not purchase all items on my list depending on budget but will maintain a running list.  In January I purchased lots of pasta, water, and canned tomato sauce.  February is national snack, breakfast, and canned goods month.  Here is my list for February:
  1. Frozen pizza.  I always have homemade sauce and dough in the freezer.  These pizza’s are my backup for my husband.  Because of the Super Bowl we should see some great deals.  I only plan to buy a few as I want to learn to make my own “premade” frozen pizza.
  2. Canned soup – I have a boatload of frozen soups.  I would like to have a few cans also.
  3. Spaghetti sauce- this is another item I make from scratch and keep in the freezer.  These other jars would again be backups.
  4. Drink mix.  Plain water can get boring.  (In the summer we usually add fresh fruit)
  5. Belvita breakfast biscuits and Nutrigrain bars (these are for my son)
  6. Sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract – I am running low
  7. Chocolate – hoping for a sale on chocolate chips near Valentines Day
  8. Water
  9. Tuna- I know there is a good sale coming at my local grocery store.  My husband is the only one who eats this so I will pick up a few cans.
  10. Canned fruit – I currently am shopping sales and purchasing in season fruits from my grocery store.  The cost can still be pretty high and the quality just isn’t there.  I hope to find a deal on canned fruit and buy a dozen cans.
Do you have a pantry purchase plan?  What will you be buying in February?